Newborn Pictures with my new Fuji X Pro 1! Welcome Bradley Sean Carter.

I got a chance to put my new Fuji X Pro 1 to the test today and review it in a newborn baby shoot. I had shot his parents, Gary and Marlene’s wedding six years ago. I was thrilled to meet their first-born child!

Because this particuliar blog post is geared towards people who are interested in this camera, it is a bit more technical than any of my other blogs. The shoot was done entirely with natural light at the their home. I used a white wall and a black tablecloth for the backgrounds. I had light coming through one big window on my right. To keep the light from spilling onto the black tablecloth, I was careful to shield it from the window light. I was shooting at 1600 ISO for all these shots. At times I handheld the camera and at times it was on a tripod. The images were shot in color and converted to black and white with Alien Skin Exposure 3 film simulation filters. I had turned down the noise reduction in camera to -2, the sharpness setting at -1, and the color at +1. I shot all the pictures with a 35mm and a 60mm Fuji lens.

I really enjoy shooting with this camera. It is currently my favorite camera because I love the tactile manual controls on it. The aperture is adjusted right on the lens and there is a real shutter dial. I can look at the camera before I even turn it on and immediately know what setting it is at even before turning it on. It doesn’t focus nearly as fast as the 5d Mark 2 but the way that it functions forces me to slow down and carefully compose my pictures. It is a different style of shooting. It’s not better or worse, just different. At times I want fast action and for those times I won’t use this camera. But when I have time to slow down and consider every shot, this is by far my favorite camera to use. I’ve used it at 3 weddings so far and I love it even more than my Fuji X100. The auto white balance is superior to my Canon 5d Mark 2. It is great in low light because of the low amount of noise present at high ISO. This allows me to have confidence using this camera at 1600 and 3200 ISO using natural light for desecrate capturing of moments in the morning, during the church ceremony, or during the reception. I will post a separate blog post to show what this camera can do at a wedding! It is fantastic and I use it as much as I use my 5d Mark 2.

All the pictures in this post were shot with the Fuji X Pro 1 in this fashion except for the one color picture, which was shot was the Olympus EP3 using a wireless flash to the side.

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Author:Charles Le

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