Sarah and Matt’s wedding in Bellingham, Washington

I flew up to Washington this weekend to photograph Sarah and Matt’s wedding.  I was going to pull out all the stops for this one.  I have a personal relationship with Sarah because she used to be my assistant and is like a daughter to me.  I totally adore her.  When she asked me to photograph her wedding, I was touched.  There was no question in my mind I would come to Washington and do all I can for her.  She is like a big sister to my daughter and I wanted Sarah to know how special she is to us.  I brought up my girlfriend Susan and my daughter Gwyneth to assist as well as help me celebrate Sarah and Matt’s wedding.

If you know Sarah, then you knew this wasn’t going to be no ordinary wedding!  Sarah is full of spunk.  Her zeal for life is absolutely contagious.   She even makes recycling cardboard fun.  You have to love her.  There is no way around it!

We arrived at Sarah’s house to find her giddy with excitement as she prepped for the big day.  Her maid of honor and very close friend Heather helped her get into her dress.  Her bridesmaids Jana and Jessi also helped.  Sarah’s dress was a 50’s style dress with fun pink inner ruffles.  She wrapped it up with a pair of cool cowgirl boots!

We had  a lot of time before the ceremony.  Sarah is also a photographer herself.  She thought it would be best if we did all the portraits before the ceremony.  I often encourage my brides to do this.  It allows a lot more time for them to mingle with their friends and family after the ceremony.







Since I didn’t know the area, Sarah had a couple of locations in mind and we drove there together.  We met up with Matt and the groomsmen when we got to the first location.

Sarah had a chance to connect with Matt for the first time that day.

I told Sarah I noticed that fall had already set in.  The fall colors were absolutely breathtaking around Washington so I insisted we look for a location where we can take advantage of that.  I had everyone pull over when I saw the perfect spot along a residential street.  The street was lined with leaves that were painted a bright crimson. There were abundant leaves with all the bright colors of fall everywhere.   It was perfect!

this picture absolutely captures Sarah!

After the photoshoot, we headed out to Kranz Koop for the wedding.  The ceremony and reception were to be held inside a barn that was converted for weddings.  Every corner of the barn was adorned with rustic decorations and nostalgic memorabilia.  Sarah had brought in over 10,000 little light bulbs to set a warm and magical atmosphere to the barn.  I loved the look on the faces of the kids, Sarah, and Matt when they first had a look around!

reserved? what do I do with these?






As friends and family began show up, the bridal party went into the basement in preparation for the ceremony to come. Matt and the guys walked up first, followed by each of the bridesmaids, the flower girls,  and ring bearers.

Then it was Sarah’s turn to walk down the isle.  She was escorted by her proud uncle.

Throughout the ceremony you can see the happineness that was apparant on Matt’s and Sarah’s faces as well as the faces of their friends and family.  You can tell that everyone who was there had a very close bond with the couple.

For dinner we were treated to a ranch style dinner complete with yummy cornbread, pulled pork, and beans.  For desert, young and old alike delighted in cotton candy!

The evening continued on with lots of laughter, love, and fun.  Heather’s toast was very funny and warm at the same time.  She spoke of Sarah’s always ready, eager, and warm personality.  I felt very fortunate that I’ve had the opportunity to know this very special lady too.

At the end of the evening, Sarah and Matt thanked their guest for coming to celebrate with them.  I was especially touched when she thanked me for photographing their wedding day. I throughly enjoyed the day and am honored to have had the opportunity to photograph it.

self portrait with Sarah


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Author:Charles Le

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2 Comments on “Sarah and Matt’s wedding in Bellingham, Washington”

  1. October 27, 2011 at 11:54 pm #

    These are amazing! Thanks for all your work, documenting Sarah and Matt’s big day.

    –Jessi (bridesmaid #3)

  2. October 29, 2011 at 6:58 am #

    Charles, really enjoyed meeting all of you, the pictures are so great!



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